World Masters
in Asia


Gelato Festival is considered the most authoritative event in the world dedicated to Italian gelato. It is a travelling festival crossing Italy, Europe, the United States and Japan, searching for the best gelato in the world. The Festival is powered by large food trucks, one of them being the largest mobile production space in the world, called the "Buontalenti". The Gelato Festival is an international competition, with qualifying rounds held in all countries of the world rewarding the creativity of the best gelato artisans. Numerous events involve starred chefs, master gelato artisans and the most important and prestigious companies in the sector.

The Gelato Festival was the idea of Gabriele Poli, a young Tuscan entrepreneur who in 2010 decided to organise an event in Florence dedicated to artisanal gelato, inspired by the link between that city and gelato. 

After the success achieved in Europe and America, the event is now ready to thrill millions of people in Asia, starting from Japan. Food culture is an ancient tradition in Japan and is closely linked to the seasons and to the nature that makes this country so fascinating. 

With the Okinawa and Yokohama Festivals in 2019 the first two Japanese finalists will be selected, earning the right to represent their country at the Gelato Festival World Masters 2021 world final. With the 2019 edition the Gelato Festival celebrates its tenth year of activity, having debuted in Florence in 2010, drawing inspiration from the concept of the first gelato recipe produced by the multifaceted architect Bernardo Buontalenti in 1559