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Join us at Boylston Plaza in the Prudential Center for Gelato Festival Boston! This stage is partnered with Eataly to bring delicious gelato made by world-class local and visiting artisans to Boston, June 1st and 2nd. A wristband grants you all you can eat gelato, the opportunity to participate in all festival activities, and a vote for your favorite gelato! The chef with the most votes will continue their gelato journey in the Gelato Festival World Masters 2021. Air Italy is the global partner of Gelato Festival.

Gusti in gara

  • Floridian Cream

    This tasty creation was the result of an experiment in my shop with famous chocolates. We decided to create a Twix Chocolate Gelato and It was an instant hit with our customers, becoming our most popular Gelato in the past 6 months. The Twix with a twist, as I call it, incorporates the smoothest European milk chocolate with creamy caramel mix, and finish it off with crunchy cookies for texture and added flavor. This extraordinary artisan gelato confection will delight all palates without a doubt.

    Ezequiel Gomez
    Gelato Gourmet 
    Weston, FL

  • Crème Brulee with Caramel

    Crème Brulee Gelato with caramel and burnt sugar topping

    Eduardo Kreindel
    Giovanna Gelato
    Malden, MA

  • Parsley Gelato

    Gelato al prezzemolo con meringa tostata e cagliata al limone

    Meghan Thompson
    Boston, MA

Gusti speciali

  • Pistachio - Hazelnut

    Pistachio - Bursting with authentic sweet, buttery flavor impossible to resist, PreGel’s pistachio gelato tastes like the irresistible fruit of the Mediterranean worthy of a gala.

    Hazelnut - Let the festivities begin with PreGel’s hazelnut gelato and its sweet, buttery splendor, so creamy and delicious you’ll want to eat the spoon.

  • Raspberry Cheesecake - Pink Grapefruit Tangerine

    Raspberry Cheesecake - Get excited about the bittersweet flavor of PreGel’s raspberry combined with the creamy bite of cheesecake; it will indeed run out, but you can always come back for more.

    Pink Grapefruit Tangerine - Wake up! The amazing flavor of PreGel’s pink grapefruit and tangerine will jolt your senses like the amusing sights and sounds of a dessert festival.

  • Blueberry Mascarpone - Strawberry Limeade

    Blueberry Mascarpone - With dramatic burst of blueberry flavor merged with the creamy richness of mascarpone cheese, this PreGel flavor fusion always draws an excited crowd.

    Strawberry Limeade - Juicy, sweet, tart, seedy, refreshing, delicious. Yeah, welcome to the PreGel strawberry-limeade gelato jamboree.

  • Cookie Butter - Brownie Brittle

    Cookie Butter - Surprise! The taste of the internationally-beloved European spiced cookie is in every bite of this decadent PreGel gelato for your tasting pleasure.

    Brownie Brittle - Mmmm…..chocolate. PreGel brings crunchy bits of brownie brittle pieces in this creamy dream on a spoon.

  • Vanilla - Cannoli

    Vanilla - Despite its neutral color and sweet, subtle taste, PreGel’s vanilla gelato is an authentic festival on a spoon.

    Cannoli - The flavor of fresh ricotta cheese, crispy chocolate chips, and crunchy cannoli shells make this PreGel gelato a main attraction.

  • Chocolate - Coffee

    Chocolate - Its rich waves of cocoa-driven decadence are why PreGel’s chocolate gelato is cause for celebration.

    Coffee - Experience the euphoria of coffee-flavored bliss with PreGel’s sweet, smooth coffee gelato that’s not very overwhelming. Yes please!

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