Gelato Festival America brings frozen desserts and heated competition to Miami! Besides ALL THE GELATO YOU CAN EAT IN ONE DAY, guests enjoy Gelato Festival games and contests. For those who can’t wait to devour the original & artisanal flavors, the Eating Contest is a great way to kickstart the day - and win a free gallon of your favorite gelato! Test your balance in Stack It High by PreGel, the contest to see who can stack the most scoops of gelato. Find out whether you have what it takes to serve gelato with the pros in the Speed Cup Race by ISA. Bring the whole family - there’s always room for more on the Kids Jury, where the youngest gelato lovers score each gelato and choose a favorite.

This is no ordinary Gelato Festival - each contestant has already won the gold medal at a Gelato Festival in America.  Only the best Gelato Chefs in America have been invited to present an original flavor in the American Final. The stakes are high and the gelato will decide it all, so every flavor will be AMAZING!

One flavor of gelato and the artisan who prepares it will be selected by a popular vote among guests and the professional opinion of the judging panel as the Miami 2019 American Final Winner! A gold cup made by Paolo Penko the Florentine Goldsmith will signify this lucky chef’s great achievement - and serve as an invitation to compete against the best of the best in the World Wide Final in Italy 2021, the Gelato Festival World Masters.

Download the Miami stage map and discover what you will experience

Konkursowe smaki

Honey, Mascarpone, Figs Gelato

Our Honey Mascarpone, Fig Gelato is incredibly light and creamy with perfect balance of delicate sweetness. First, we mix freshly made Mascarpone cheese with raw honey that is locally harvested in Waldorf, Maryland and then we blend in the Black Mission Figs.

Gianluigi Dellaccio
Dolci Gelati

Sicily Orange Sunrise

The fantastic Sicilian Oranges become true stars of our new & fascinating "Sicily Orange Sunrise". Exalted & enhanced with harmony from ample aromatic range of fresh aromatic mint and cardamom. Live a refreshing & exotic experience.

Maurizio Melani
Véneta Gelato Italiano


Creamy but crunchy concoction of spice cookies drizzled with caramel

Walter & Marta Bergamaschi
Gelato Dolce Vita

Fior d'Arancia

Smooth blend of milk and cream mixed with Sicilian Orange peel & Dark Chocolate

Eugenia Sardelli
Gelateria Sardelli "Il mio gelato"

Dark Chocolate Surprise

80% dark Chocolate from South America with a little bitter infusion, presented in a Dark component and, is actually a Sorbetto as the remaining part is 20% of water.

Giacomo d'Alessandro
Polosud gelato-coffee-pastries

Salted B.C. Cherry Cheesecake

Using the freshest, natural ingredients that the beautiful mountainous British Columbia has to offer. We have created an amazing sweet, salty and cheesy flavor for you to enjoy. Made with love, local B.C. cherries, organic B.C. cream cheese and Vancouver Island sea salt. It's a true taste of the west coast philosophy and nothing but the best from our Gelato shop.

Bradley Williams
Bella Gelateria


We merged the most representing flavors from the volcanic island into a unique, strong, layered gelato that can instantly transport every palate to the Mediterranean.

Following the triangular island shape, we selected a trio of D.O.C. ingredients: Pistachio, Almonds, and Oranges as a "variegato". To finalize, before serving, the combined flavors are sprayed with a special citrus oil that enhances and completes a sensorial experience.

Maria Liliana Biondo

Texas Pecan Sea Salt Caramel

A caramel Gelato flavored with real "Dulce de Leche", mediterranean sea salt and decorated with toasted Texas pecans

Diego Comparin

Blueberry Basil

This flavor is made to showcase the delicious fresh blueberries that grow in New Jersey. The Sorbet is rounded out with Basil, a classic ingredient found in our families garden.

Mike Guerriero
Gelotti Essex

Sassy Sea Turtle

Melt-in-your-mouth candied pecans give way to a perfectly harmonized spice medley of ginger, cayenne and paprika, all balanced out by a smooth caramel gelato infused with fleur de sel and drizzled with decadent dark chocolate for a hint of bitterness. Now that’s sassy!

Daniela Zomparelli
Lola's Gelato

Bagigi Peanut

 Literally means peanut in the Venetian region. A base of peanut butter infused with salted caramel roasted peanut ribbon. Then sprinkled with a semi sweet chocolate and finished with a chocolate hazelnut crunch ganache.

Nazario Melchionda
Frost_ A Gelato Shoppe

Smaki specjalne

Air Italy

A wonderful combination of Fiordilatte, Acacia Honey, and Corn Flakes. Delicious!

Pistachio D’Oro

Specialty plant based pistachio Ice cream made with love and with the finest organic pistachio paste, vegan base and super foods to nourish and charms the curious and conscious ice cream lovers. We focus on the purity of the natural real flavors, exquisite style and details that make our pistachio D’Oro so unique. #angiesepicureanstyle

Pistachio - Hazelnut

Pistachio - Bursting with authentic sweet, buttery flavor impossible to resist, PreGel’s pistachio gelato tastes like the irresistible fruit of the Mediterranean worthy of a gala.

Hazelnut - Let the festivities begin with PreGel’s hazelnut gelato and its sweet, buttery splendor, so creamy and delicious you’ll want to eat the spoon.

Chocolate - Coffee

Chocolate - Its rich waves of cocoa-driven decadence are why PreGel’s chocolate gelato is cause for celebration.

Coffee - Experience the euphoria of coffee-flavored bliss with PreGel’s sweet, smooth coffee gelato that’s not very overwhelming. Yes please!

Vanilla - Cannoli

Vanilla - Despite its neutral color and sweet, subtle taste, PreGel’s vanilla gelato is an authentic festival on a spoon.

Cannoli - The flavor of fresh ricotta cheese, crispy chocolate chips, and crunchy cannoli shells make this PreGel gelato a main attraction.

Raspberry - Cinnamon Peach Crisp

Raspberry - Just when we thought the sweet/tart flavor of raspberries couldn’t get any better, PreGel makes it into an irresistible frozen dessert that add the festivity to festivals!

Cinnamon Peach Crisp - There’s a party in this gelato pan and the stars are cinnamon and peach! The sweet crisp is an added bonus that makes this one party you won’t forget!  

Caramel - Miami Key Lime

Caramel - Pour on the flavor with this PreGel favorite! The notes of sweet, buttery, caramel will send your taste buds into happiness overload.

Miami Key Lime - Mmmm…that’s nice. So tart, yet sweet. So vibrant and alluring. So perfectly balanced in delicious flavor and appearance that you just may do a little dance!

PB&J - Lemon Cookie

PB&J - Jam out with PreGel’s spin on this sweet and salty classic American favorite, so similar to the real thing, all that’s missing is the bread!

Lemon Cookie -

Gianduiotto - Unicorn

Gianduiotto - Creamy chocolate and nutty hazelnut is a classic combination like a festival and fun. It’s the best of both worlds!


Unicorn - Want to know what magic tastes like? A sweet, delicate vanilla-flavored gelato with a light blue hue, and a sparkling purple topping. No fairy dust included!

Lemon Pound Cake - Strawberry Shortcake with Strawberry Crumble

Lemon Pound Cake - The attractive hue and invigorating scent of this popular citrus fruit makes PreGel’s lemon sorbetto a main taste attraction.

Strawberry Shortcake with Crumble - That’s the way the shortcake crumbles…with strawberry gelato so authentic you can almost taste the juice.

Cookie Butter - Brownie Brittle

Cookie Butter - Surprise! The taste of the internationally-beloved European spiced cookie is in every bite of this decadent PreGel gelato for your tasting pleasure.

Brownie Brittle - Mmmm…..chocolate. PreGel brings crunchy bits of brownie brittle pieces in this creamy dream on a spoon.

Blueberry Mascarpone - Strawberry Limeade

Blueberry Mascarpone - With dramatic burst of blueberry flavor merged with the creamy richness of mascarpone cheese, this PreGel flavor fusion always draws an excited crowd.

Strawberry Limeade - Juicy, sweet, tart, seedy, refreshing, delicious. Yeah, welcome to the PreGel strawberry-limeade gelato jamboree.

Salted Butter Caramel - Coconut

Salted Butter Caramel - The perfect pinch of salt merged with the taste of buttery caramel goodness in this PreGel gelato is a like a soiree no one should miss, especially you!

Coconut - Tropical getaway, anyone? Have a cup of this gelato, rich in the sweet, creamy essence of tropical coconut and thank yourself later!

Raspberry Cheesecake - Pink Grapefruit Tangerine

Raspberry Cheesecake - Get excited about the bittersweet flavor of PreGel’s raspberry combined with the creamy bite of cheesecake; it will indeed run out, but you can always come back for more.

Pink Grapefruit Tangerine - Wake up! The amazing flavor of PreGel’s pink grapefruit and tangerine will jolt your senses like the amusing sights and sounds of a dessert festival.

Saturday 16 March

  • Technical Jury
    11:30 am

  • Opening Ceremony
    02:00 pm

  • Video Sigep 2019
    03:00 pm

  • Carpigiani Gelato University
    03:05 pm

  • Kids Jury
    04:00 pm

  • Carpigiani Gelato University
    05:00 pm

  • Video Sigep 2019
    05:55 pm

  • Speed Cup Race
    06:00 pm

  • Stack it High
    07:00 pm

  • Eating Contest
    08:30 pm

  • Video Sigep 2019
    09:15 pm

  • PreGel Interactive Games/Activities
    09:30 pm

Sunday 17 March

  • Video Sigep 2019
    11:00 am

  • Carpigiani Gelato University
    11:05 am

  • Stack it High
    12:00 pm

  • Carpigiani Gelato University
    01:00 pm

  • Video Sigep 2019
    01:55 pm

  • Speed Cup Race
    02:00 pm

  • PreGel Interactive Games/Activities
    03:00 pm

  • Video Sigep 2019
    04:15 pm

  • Eating Contest
    04:30 pm

  • Carpigiani Gelato University
    05:15 pm

  • Awards Ceremony
    07:00 pm


Caffe' Vergnano

Caffè Vergnano 1882, Italy’s most ancient coffee roasting company will take part to Gelato Festival as official coffee sponsor. At Caffe' Vergnano's booth customers will be able to live the authentic Italian coffee experience with three iconic coffee based drinks. From the traditional espresso, to the cappuccino and macchiato. For more information, visit

Sogno Toscano

Sogno Toscano is since 1923 an all organic and wisely natural farmhouse that produces inevitably wonderful gourmet specialties for its family and in the USA. The flavors are out of this world as for the experience. Our secrets are many: from the daily handpicking of the food from our family members, to the maniacally precise service that our team offers to the costumer, and quality that wakes up your whole palate like you have never experienced.

La Centrale

Serving up fresh panini, tagliere, and snacks as well as can't miss gelato cocktails, beer, wine and non-alcoholic refreshments - make sure you check out La Centrale's pop-up to satisfy your appetite and thirst! (The area of La Centrale isn't included in the ticket)

The Flower Wall Co Miami

"The Flower Wall Co. Miami is the only 5 stars rated and Award winning flower wall rental company in Florida! Let the Professionals create your flower wall. We guarantee gorgeousness!"


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