Below are some of the most frequently asked questions

How can I take part in a Gelato Festival World Masters competitions?

To register for one of the Gelato Festival World Masters competitions, click here and complete the registration form.

The Gelato Festival team will contact you as soon as possible with the results of the selection.

If you’re accepted, you’ll be sent the regulations and all the information you need to take part.

What events are planned for 2023?

Click here to find all the information you need for the 2023 competitions.

The programme and the events are continuously updated.

How does the event work?

Gelato Festival World Masters Challenges are not open to the public.

There is no registration fee for participation.

The Gelato Festival World Masters competitions are open exclusively to gelato chefs, who can enter a flavour of their choice.

A technical panel of professionals and bloggers in the sector will be appointed to decide which flavours will continue in the competition towards the World Finals.

How does the competition proceed to the World Finals?

Each competition is a selection process for subsequent stages towards the World Finals.

Every country or geographical area has its own selection procedure.

One or more finals will be held in each country or geographical area to select the gelato chefs who will represent it in the World Finals.

When do the World Finals take place?

Following 4 years of heats and national finals, the Finals to crown the world’s best gelato chef will be held in 2025.

What is the Gelato Festival World ranking? How can I be part of it?

The Gelato Festival World Ranking is the permanent international classification of the best gelato artisans, and includes all gelato chefs who have taken part in at least one Gelato Festival competition between 2011 and the present.

Each gelato chef accumulates points on the basis of participation, awards and placing achieved. The more you take part and the more you win, the higher your classification.

The points are translated into crowns, from 1 to a maximum of 5. The minimum score to obtain a crown is 72 points.

The gelato artisan who takes first place in the World Ranking will enter the Hall of Fame, the Olympus of the Gelato Festival World Ranking, the following year.


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