What Is Gelato?

What is this universal symbol of happiness? Why, frozen dessert, of course! Specifically, gelato is a cool and amazing Italian treat with its own unique qualities and a history going back more than 600 years.

Gelato versus ice cream – is there really a difference, and which should you choose? Discover the delectable reasons why gelato reigns supreme, from its creamier texture to its richer flavor and lower fat content. We’re here to show you why gelato is the ultimate frozen dessert!

Travel through time as we go back to the 1500s to explore gelato's rich heritage. Uncover the sweet origins of gelato's invention in Italy – from the fateful moment Bernando Buontalenti first created frozen gelato in Florence, to how Catherine de' Medici became the first international ambassador of gelato by bringing it to France.


Gelato festival brings you the world's best artisanal gelato made in the traditional way created by (our hero) Bernardo Buontalenti of Florence, it in 16th century. We use locally-sourced milk and fresh ingredients to create a true gelato which has less fat and less air than ice cream, so you get more delicious flavor per bite.

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In our mission to bring the world's best gelato to everyone , we've created a mash-up of Italian and Californiacultures with our own secret plant-based recipe made with organic oats. The result is an amazingly delicious and smooth gelato that you would never know is dairy-free. This is the one everyone is talking about!

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Our sorbetto is made in the authentic way perfected by Procopio dei Coltelli over 500 years ago. But while we do not use the snow from the top of Mt. Etna, we do only use purified water, sugar, and fresh fruit. No preservatives, nothing artificial. Just pure, cool sorbet made in the artisanal way by our chefs and mother nature.

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