World’s 5 Best Gelato Flavors: 2022 Holiday Box

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The World Ranking Top 5 Flavors - Holiday Box 2022 is the best of the best of the best! Each of the 5 flavors included in our limited edition Holiday Box for 2022 has had to win city, regional, national and continental competitions to make it to the top rankings.  The  World Ranking Top5 Flavors - Holiday Box 2022 will be available in limited quantities and offers 5 pints of the best gelatos in the world.

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What’s included in my box?

Pictures show the presentation of the gelato and sorbets in competition. Your gelato and sorbets will arrive n 16oz pints. 

1. Mandarino Tardivo Sorbet by Hall of Fame Chef Eugenio Morrone

Vegan Sorbet

A mandarin-flavored sorbet enriched with ginger and mint to create the perfect alchemy of ingredients that provide an explosiveness of fresh and juicy citrus flavors with every delicious spoonful.

Flavor Elements:

Mandarino juice, water, sugar, ginger and fresh mint.

2. Liguretto (Lemon & Basil) Sorbet by #1 World Ranking Chef Marco Venturino

Vegan Sorbet

Originally created as Limone & Basilico, the name changed to Liguretto to distinguish it as a sorbet produced with lemons and basil found regionally in Italy. This sweet & tart, with a hint of basil is the perfect winter citrus treat and an unexpected and elevated palette cleanser between holiday meals.

Flavor Elements:

Water, sugar, lemon juice, and fresh basil.

3. Pistachio Raspberry by #2 World Ranking Chef Ádám Fazekas

Dairy Gelato

Enjoy the flavors of nutty pistachio puree blended into a decadent dairy gelato that is drizzled with raspberry coulis. The nutty and earthy flavor of the pistachio is perfectly complemented by the juicy and fruity raspberry filling in each bite!

Flavor Elements:

Milk, sugar, pistachio puree, raspberry sauce and a pinch of salt.

4. Italian Summer Sensation by #3 World Ranking Chef Giovanna Bonazzi

Dairy Gelato

There's something magical about the combination of fresh basil with just a hint of bright, fresh lemon juice, ginger and mint that are perfectly blended together to transport you to the feeling of a warm, summer evening strolling through your favorite small town in Italy!

Flavor Elements:

Milk, sugar, lemon juice, fresh basil, ginger and mint oil essence.

5. The All American by #4 World Ranking Chef Savannah Lee

Dairy Gelato

This tribute to the All-American apple pie is a gorgeous medley of home-baked cinnamon apples with layers of honey graham cracker crumbles mixed into our creamy, milk base gelato and topped with ribbons of buttery caramel.

Flavor Elements:

Milk, sugar, apple compote, graham cracker crumble, caramel, and cinnamon.

Boxes will be shipped every Monday via overnight delivery. More details provided in the order acknowledgement. 

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Our story starts back in 2010 in Florence, Italy. Being proud (and curious) Italians, we began to study the history of gelato–which dates back more than 500 years to the renaissance–and its inventor Bernardo Buontalenti (whose name literally translates to “good talents” -- of course!)   

Gelato is a combination of simple ingredients, but it is very hard to make perfectly. True gelato is an art that requires inspiration, innovation, the right ingredients and equipment, and the dedicated passion of the most skilled gelato masters. No wonder it was once a delicacy reserved only for royalty and the elite!   

This filled us with intense imagination and respect for the art of gelato, and so we set out on a mission to find out who is creating the world’s best gelato today, so we could share it with everyone.  

And that’s why we held the first Gelato Festival competition, local to Italy, more than ten years ago. Since then, Gelato Festival has grown into the world’s most prestigious gelato tournament, with competitions in over 22 countries. Here the world’s most passionate gelato chefs dream up mind-blowing gelato recipes in pursuit of the title of World Master.  

Now Gelato Festival brings these creations to you–the best of the best from our competitions–whether you visit one of our shops, buy a pint at your local store, order a collab at some of the best restaurants across the country, or even get a special selection of award-winning gelato shipped to your home or office.  

But how many World’s Best Gelato can there possibly be? Well, since gelato is art that you can see, taste and feel, it can spring from endless inspiration and craft. So we don’t trouble ourselves with questions about limits. We just grab a spoon and say, “Buon Appetito!” 


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